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  • Sarah Palin: From small-town Alaska mayor to White House hopeful
    Sarah Palin: From small-town Alaska mayor to White House hopeful
    Created by StevePro on Jun 10, 2011

    Sarah Palin's rise from mayor of Wasilla to Alaska governor and then John McCain's presidential running mate


  • UK's response to the Arab Spring
    UK's response to the Arab Spring
    Created by ddgdipity on Jan 19, 2012

    To mark the first anniversary, the FCO tells the story of the Arab Spring from the UK's perspective. We track some of our key diplomatic action, consular assistance, speeches, statements, blogs, visits, upscaling of the Arab Partnership and project milestones.


  • Howard T.
    Howard T.
    Created by HowardTV on Feb 5, 2009

    Howard's personal timeline, a place to collect and share things from Howard's life.


  • Moammar El-Gadhafi's Coup and Rise
    Moammar El-Gadhafi's Coup and Rise
    Created by StevePro on Feb 28, 2011

    Popular protests that ousted long- serving presidents in Tunisia and Egypt this year served as a catalyst for demonstrations against Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi. This timeline tracks Qaddafi’s 42 years in power. He holds no official title and is referred to as “Leader and Guide of the Revolution.”


  • Chernobyl: Timeline of a Tragedy
    Chernobyl: Timeline of a Tragedy
    Created by cqchoi on Feb 26, 2011

    A timeline of the Chernobyl disaster.


  • 9/11 Attacks
    9/11 Attacks
    Created by dipity on Sep 11, 2011


  • Deportation Nation: Timeline of Immigrant Criminalization
    Deportation Nation: Timeline of Immigrant Criminalization
    Created by DeportationNation on Jul 13, 2010

    This timeline looks back at how the U.S. immigration system came to focus on enforcement and criminalization.

    Click through to learn how the Founding Fathers allotted power to decide who can enter, and who will be deported. Context is key to understanding the “deportation delirium” that has led to a record number of removals under the Obama administration.

    Attribution: Feel free to share or distribute this work, however please attribute to


  • Albania Local Elections 2011
    Albania Local Elections 2011
    Created by BIRN on Apr 20, 2011

    The latest, news, views and analysis about the 2001 local elections in Albania


  • Canada's fallen in Afghanistan
    Canada's fallen in Afghanistan
    Created by PostmediaNews on May 12, 2011

    Click on the map link to see each soldier's hometown.


  • Periodismo Gonzo
    Periodismo Gonzo
    Created by dipity on Jul 20, 2011


  • Violence in Syria
    Violence in Syria
    Created by StevePro on Jun 14, 2011

    Here is a timeline of events in Syria since protests started in March.


  • Gamification
    Created by poinky on Jun 2, 2011

    The idea of turning a boring or difficult task into a game is not new, but under the term 'gamification', this notion is currently rapidly gaining interest. The backlash is also starting to gain momentum. In this timeline, I try to capture the rise of ideas, individuals, and products that seem to be driving (or fighting) the current growth of this technology sector.


  • Japan disaster
    Japan disaster
    Created by TorontoStar on Mar 15, 2011

    One of the largest earthquakes ever recorded slammed Japan's eastern coast on March 11, 2011, followed by a tsunami. Read more at


  • Rebecca Black
    Rebecca Black
    Created by dipity on Mar 14, 2011


  • Histoire de l'aviation
    Histoire de l'aviation
    Created by futurasciences on May 24, 2011


  • 2011 Women's World Cup
    2011 Women's World Cup
    Created by StevePro on Jul 13, 2011

    The 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup is the sixth FIFA Women's World Cup competition, the world championship for women's national association football teams. It is being held from 26 June to 17 July 2011 in Germany, which won the right to host the event in October 2007. The matches are played in nine stadiums in nine host cities around the country, with the final being played at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt. Sixteen teams were selected for participation via a worldwide qualification tournament that began in 2009. In the first round of the tournament finals, the teams compete in round-robin groups of four teams for points, with the top two teams in each group proceeding. These eight teams advance to the knockout stage, where two rounds of play decide which teams will participate in the final.


  • 2010 in Review
    2010 in Review
    Created by StevePro on Dec 30, 2010

    A look back at the biggest stories of 2010.


  • Skype from startup to $8.5 billion sale
    Skype from startup to $8.5 billion sale
    Created by StevePro on May 10, 2011

    Microsoft plans to pay $8.5 billion to buy Skype, nearly triple the amount that eBay Inc paid six years ago for the money-losing Internet phone company.


  • inicios coleigio
    inicios coleigio
    Created by dipity on Mar 16, 2011

    de donde viene


  • Election
    Created by TorontoStar on Mar 29, 2011

    The 40th Parliament has been dissolved and Canadians are heading to the polls on May 2.


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